Arlequín, servidor de dos patrones

Arlequín -2007-

Character: Clarisa - Director: Alicia Zanca

The Harlequin, is one of the unmissable “stock characters” of Italian Commedia dell’arte; he’s a servant with not enough resources to live by, so he secretly works for two people at the same time. At first, everything works as expected until the demands of both his masters start to overlap each other, up to the point that the task of serving them takes a spin full of complications and misunderstandings.
This is a theater play from the XVIII century, the place in time where author Carlo Goldoni decides to capture on a series of dramatic texts, the characters, plot lines and developments of this genre, born out of XVI century Venice which mixes together several disciplines and ideas, like improvisational techniques.

Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires