Perdida -2018-

Character: Manuela Pelari - Director: Alejandro Montiel

Fourteen years ago, during a school trip, a teenager called Cornelia Villalba runs away with her peers to go clubbing, but ends up getting lost through the forests down the Patagonia. Nobody knows what became of her. In the present, Manuela Pelari, her best friend from youth, decides to use her tools and knowledge as a police officer, to start a new search for her, fueled by a disregard of authority and the never ending desire of putting an end to years of silence and broken bonds, facing an unknown power that threaten to make her another piece in a puzzle that might end her life. A sheriff acting a as priest, an unrelenting murderer, a Spanish lady, as handsome as she is dangerous, a girl raised outside the law and a fellow workmate that tries to indoctrinate Manuela, are all part of the set of characters surrounding this unstoppable search for the truth