Los que aman, Odian

Los que aman, odian -2017-

Character: Mary - Director: Alejandro Maci

A medicine man named Huberman arrives at a secluded hotel on Bosque de Mar, searching for the fruitful and delectable solitude he wants. But he never imagined that soon he was going to get involved on the complex web of relationships, webbed by the curious guests of the hotel. One morning, one has been found dead and another has gone missing. Under the threat of isolation due to an upcoming storm, the already fragile connections between the characters, tense up with everything being topped with Luisana Lopilato’s chracter, who plays a hypnotic and mysterious woman named Luisa. Guillermo Francella steps right in the middle of everything, providing his own histrionic blend with a pinch of  solemnity. “Los que aman, odian” is, on itself a unique experience that it’s sure to attract both followers and detractors. One thing is for certain: We have found a film with an impeccable technical development joined by groundbreaking performances. A very good movie that truly deserves to be seen on the “big screen”.