Filmed on San Martín de los Andes, Buenos Aires and Islas Canarias, produced by  MyS Producción, Bowfinger International Pictures, Cindy Teperman Films, Telefe, FB Group, Benteveo Producciones Audiovisuales, Royal Cinema Group with the help of Corinthian Argentina, Tondero and the associated co-production of Non Stop Digital. Distribution rights are on the hand of Buena Vista Internacional with a release date of April 19th, 2018
Fourteen years ago, during a school trip, a teenager called Cornelia Villalba runs away with her peers to go clubbing, but ends up getting lost through the forests down the Patagonia. Nobody knows what became of her. In the present, Manuela Pelari, her best friend from youth, decides to use her tools and knowledge as a police officer, to start a new search for her, fueled by a disregard of authority and the never ending desire of putting an end to years of silence and broken bonds, facing an unknown power that threaten to make her another piece in a puzzle that might end her life. A sheriff acting a as priest, an unrelenting murderer, a Spanish lady, as handsome as she is dangerous, a girl raised outside the law and a fellow workmate that tries to indoctrinate Manuela, are all part of the set of characters surrounding this unstoppable search for the truth
Will Manuela be able to finish the puzzle that couldn’t figure it out when she was just a kid?  What is the worse thing in a persons life… not knowing a secret, maybe keeping it for years or ignore it’s existence? How do you build the life of an un-complete person? Is it possible to mend the past?. Perdida; never stop looking


Director: Alejandro Montiel
Genre: Thriller
Script: Jorge Maestro, Alejandro Montiel, Mili Roque Pitt. Based on the novel “Cornelia” by Florencia Etcheves.
Main Cast: Luisana Lopilato, Amaia Salamanca, Rafael Spregelburd, Nicolás Furtado, Oriana Sabatini, Julián Serrano, with special appearances by María Onetto and Carlos Alcántara as Adalberto.
Production: MyS ProducciónBowfinger International Pictures Cindy Teperman Films TelefeFB GroupBenteveo Producciones AudiovisualesRoyal Cinema Group.
Co-produced by: Corinthian Argentina, Tondero y Cornelia la Película AIE.
Co-production assistance by: Non Stop Digital.
Distribution: Buena Vista Internacional.